Secret Caves of Malta

If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path in Malta there is a beautiful cave hidden away on the coast near Armier Bay.  The cave is known by locals as “L-Ahrax Tal-Mellieha” we were told this translates to “harsh rock” which describes it perfectly because the harsh volcanic rock is unforgiving if you are barefoot or wearing sandals and you should definitely be sure to bring your tennis shoes to walk across it.  The cave is also known as the Coral Lagoon if you are using Google maps to find it.

We found the cave purely by chance, a friend happened to see a photo on Pinterest of someone jumping off the top of the cave to the crystal clear water below.  We had only this photo and the location of Ahrax Tower in Mellieha to go off of.  We were on a mission and we weren’t going to stop until we found it.

We were staying in Sliema Bay so our first step was to get on a bus and head to that side of the island.  The buses are very good and consistent in Malta because they are the easiest and cheapest way to get around the island, although they do take some time.  Our destination was Armier Bay.  There is a bus stop in Armier right next to the beach, this is where we got off and started our journey.  We knew the direction we had to go in to get to Ahrax Tower so we began our trek.  As we got closer to the Tower we stopped and asked more locals to put us in the right direction.  They didn’t speak any English just kept pointing us more towards the sea so we just kept on walking.

You will pass by a couple other bays before you get to the lagoon.  You literally keep walking around each one of them towards the open sea and next thing you know…

There is a giant hole before you…  You have made it to the lagoon!  For those fearless ones, yes, it is safe to jump!  I’m not that daring so I carefully climbed down to the water and swam in from the open sea through the cave.  Be cautious with this as well as there are many jellyfish in the area so always keep an eye out!  I had an unfortunate run in with one of these Maltese jellies but some vinegar sorted it right out!  Many visitors to the lagoon also come in on paddleboards and kayaks.  It’s a great place to escape the crowded beaches and experience something a little off the beaten path in Malta!  Enjoy!



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